Second meeting of the Romanian Covenant Club

On the 22nd of November, OER - the Romanian Energy Cities Network - organised the second national meeting of the Mayors Club at Brașov City Hall.

The event was attended by Mr. George SCRIPCARU – President of OER and Mayor of Brașov, Mr. Ovidiu Teodor CREŢU – Mayor of Bistriţa and Mr. Viorel ILIE – Mayor of Moineşti, both Ambassadors of the Romanian Mayors Club, Mr. Mihai Horaţiu JOSAN – Mayor of Aiud and Mr. Radu Nistor FLOREA – Mayor of Săcele, as well as by representatives of other Municipalities such as: Arad, Cluj Napoca, Bucharest – capital and Bucharest 4th district, Făgăraş, Iaşi, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Satu Mare, Tg. Neamţ and Zărneşti.

OER is one of the 3 Covenant Supporters in Romania, offering technical and strategic assistance for CoM Signatories and supporting them in their efforts. In order to foster the development of the CoM in Romania, OER created and is coordinating the Covenant Club.

The first part of the event consisted of a section on the analysis of the 4 years of CoM implementation in Romania. The European Commission through DG Energy, has appointed a consortium led by Technopolis Group to conduct an evaluation of the CoM in the countries where this initiative is implemented. This assessment aims to determine the impact of the Covenant and the extent to which the Covenant has achieved its objectives since it was launched.

The signatories participating at the discussions were therefore asked to highlight:

  • The added value brought by the Covenant of Mayors initiative and why other cities should join the CoM
  • The difficulties in obtaining data for the Baseline Emission Inventories and SEAPs
  • Funding opportunities for the measures in the SEAPs
  • Barriers and technical issues encountered and what support was received by the signatories from the support structures.

The second section of the conference was centered on the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Program, through which 4 cities in Romania will receive funding for measures in their Sustainable Energy Action Plans / SEAPs. In this section, three case studies from municipalities that were chosen for financing, were presented: Arad, Braşov and Cluj-Napoca. In the next period, these 3 cities and Suceava Municipality will submit priority projects selected from their SEAPs, for being financed.

Conclusion of the meeting
Following the meeting, the participants in the Second National Meeting of the Mayors Club proposed to create and adopt a Common Declaration as the basis for the discussions with the central authorities. This Common Declaration will be signed by the CoM Mayors and will be submitted to the relevant national authorities as a document that presents the status of the Covenant in Romania and the profile of the signatories, and at the same time will be the basis of negotiations with the central government for supporting the Romanian signatories of the CoM.

Project coordinated by Energy Cities,Supported by Intelligent Energy – Europe: for a sustainable future and ADEME