Flemish Covenant of Mayors Network (Vlaams Netwerk Burgemeestersconvenant)

The Flemish Covenant of Mayors Network has the following objectives:

  • ensure that every municipality in Flanders can get practical support in signing and implementing the Covenant of Mayors;
  • therefore, inform the municipalities and partners, facilitate contacts between them and bring them together;
  • stimulate the exchange of knowledge and information between signatories (and other municipalities heading for a futureproof energy policy). Co-organise information sessions and workshops. Offer inspiration, tools and methods.
  • stimulate central government to adapt its policy so that it facilitates, stimulates and reinforces futureproof local energy policy;
  • stimulate and facilitate cooperation and synergy between local authorities and other partners from f.e. the industrial and academic world.
  • have all these partners cooperate under the shared target of CO2-reduction and of a furureproof energy policy, also taking into consideration the broader aims of sustainable development.
  • exchange information and cooperate with similar initiatives in the Walloon Region and the Brussels Capital Region.


The Flemish Network has held its first formal meeting on the 7th of June 2012. Almost 40 participants were present, coming from signatory cities, cities interested in signing the CoM, six intermunicipal cooperations for regional development and their umbrella organisation, all five provinces, the Flemish environmental and energy administrations, the knowledge center on city policy, the Flemish environmental umbrella organisation BBL, the Flemish institution for technological research (VITO) and the Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities (VVSG).

The outcome of the municipal and provincial elections in October will bring an important political ‘momentum’, that might lead to knew signing cities and municipalities and new ‘territorial coordinators’. Therefore the focus of our meeting was setting a path to ensure that at the start of the new local political administrations in 2013, every municipality that wants to sign, can get the necessary and affordable support. The support will come from partners forming a regionally specific combination of province and/or intermunicipal cooperation and/or other partners. But first elections will decide. On this meeting the participants were civil servants, in 2013 we want to hold a more political meeting with more external visibility.

One of the repeatedly formulated requests is the need of coordinated gathering of data for the BEI (and its updates) by the Flemish government. And also the tuning of local and central planning, and the need for complementary energy policy action by the Flemish government.

The Network meeting enhanced the shared enthusiasm and brought lots of useful exchanges of experiences and points of view.
A next meeting will be held shortly after the elections. In the meanwhile, more specific workshops will be held, as VVSG will take further action on the main requests that arised from the discussions.

More information on the National Platform in Flanders.

Contact: Alex Verhoeven, VVSG, Alex.Verhoeven[a]VVSG.BE

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Feedback from the ground on the Covenant of Mayors implementation in Flanders
2nd report from June 2013
1st report from January 2012
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Action plan
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