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Tuesday 22 October 2013

Covenant of Mayors: feedback from the ground on its implementations in 12 countries and regions
In the framework of the NET-COM project (funded via the Intelligent Energy Europe programme), an event was held in Brussels on the 8th of October 2013. It gathered 60 participants, mainly Covenant Supporters and Coordinators, associations of local authorities, regions and municipal elected (...)


Friday 11 October 2013

How to finance the Sustainable Energy Action Plans ?
On the 10th of October 2013, a capacity building workshop and networking session was organised in Brussels focusing on alternative financing schemes to support implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans. The workshop was organised by Energy Cities in the framework of the (...)


Friday 11 October 2013

Two intense days of inspiration and action for the Swedish Covenant Club
Elected representatives and technical staff of the members of Klimatkommunerna and the members of the Swedish Covenant of Mayors network gathered in Stockholm on 24-25 September for two days of inspiration, networking and discussion. They visited the new energy-smart district Norra (...)


Thursday 5 September 2013

Upcoming event: A new step for the Covenant of Mayors - Multilevel dialogue and innovative governance - 8 October 2013
Held in Brussels on the 8th of October during the Open Days, the event will give insight into the importance and usefulness of the national Covenant of Mayors Clubs, their main benefits and achievements. Relevant feedback from the ground on the Covenant implementation at national level will be (...)


Wednesday 4 September 2013

Upcoming event: Financing Sustainable Energy Action Plans - 10 October 2013
In the 2014-2020 programming period, 20% of the EU budget will be earmarked for climate-related measures. More developed EU regions will have to spend at least 20% of their European Regional Development Fund allocations to energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. For less developed (...)


Wednesday 19 June 2013

Romanian local authorities discuss Energy Performance Contracting
OER, FEDARENE and Energy Management Agency of Maramureş (AMEMM) organised on 16-17 May 2013, in the city of Baia Mare, the third Romanian Covenant of Mayors Club Meeting, together with the ManagEnergy capacity building workshop. The meeting concentrated on funding opportunities for the (...)


Monday 27 May 2013

5th Slovak National Covenant Club Meeting
The 5th Slovak National Covenant Networking Meeting took place from 14 May to 15th May 2013 in the City of Pezinok. Pezinok is known as the old vintner’s town surrounded by slopes of Small Carpathian Mountain and situated only 25 km from Bratislava. The Mayor of Pezinok Mr. Oliver Solga is (...)


Monday 6 May 2013

European Commission's reply to the open letter of the German Covenant Club
The European Commission (DG Energy) reacted to the open letter of the German Covenant Club from November 2012 and recognised the important role of local authorities for sustainable energy and efficiency. The open letter, supported by 43 Covenant Club participants, addressed problems in the (...)


Thursday 18 April 2013

A lot of suggestions and ideas generated at the conference “Energiwende vs. Transition énergétique”
On 19-20 March 2013 a Franco-German conference on today’s energy challenges in both countries took place at the Stuttgart Town Hall. More than 60 delegates represented municipalities, professional associations and institutions from both sides of the Rhine. The two-day conference offered (...)


Tuesday 2 April 2013

A successful Energy Day for local authorities in Ghent, Belgium
Over 500 participants, exhibitors and speakers exchanged knowledge and experiences on the ‘Energiedag voor lokale besturen’ (Energy Day for local authorities) in Ghent on 19 March. They took inspiration from a wide range of topics on local energy policy, got to know new people or refreshed old (...)


Wednesday 20 March 2013

Join the National Covenant of Mayors Clubs!
In 14 countries and regions, National Covenant Clubs / Platforms have been created to ensure: better communication and exchanges among local authorities to improve their own capacities and effectiveness to achieve the Covenant goals; better communication, exchanges and synergies between local (...)


Wednesday 13 March 2013

Meeting with CoM Club Sweden
On the 21st of February, elected representatives from nine Swedish cities met within the framework of Covenant of Mayors Club Sweden, for a day of networking and inspiration with special focus on alliances with local businesses. Nina Ekelund, programme director of the Haga Initiative (...)


Friday 8 March 2013

French and German local authorities in the energy transition - 19-20 March
While Germany is already putting in place policy measures leading to the "Energiewende", France is currently engaged in a national debate on the energy transition. With the recent launch of the Franco-German Office for Renewable Energies bu the ministers of environment Delphine Batho and Peter (...)


Wednesday 6 March 2013

High level meeting on the Covenant of Mayors in The Hague on 16 May
The Covenant of Mayors is today referred to as THE mainstream European institutional initiative engaging local authorities for the EU’s energy and climate objectives. With more than 4,300 Mayors and a growing number of submitted SEAPs, the initiative shows the essential role played by local (...)


Tuesday 26 February 2013

From ideas to results: meeting of the Baltic Sea Region Covenant Club
The Baltic Sea Region Covenant Club invited for workshops and discussions in the northern parts of the Region at the International Winter Conference in Jokkmokk, Sweden. Various issues were discussed at the designated Covenant of Mayors Seminar on 7 February 2013. Among other issues, (...)


Friday 1 February 2013

First anniversary of the French Alliance for Local Energy
One year after the launch of the Alliance for Local Energy of the French Covenant Club, this platform of French energy players is now gathering 38 partners - public, private and associative key actors - who have a common interest towards demand-side oriented local policies and the use of (...)


Tuesday 4 December 2012

Second meeting of the Romanian Covenant Club
On the 22nd of November, OER - the Romanian Energy Cities Network - organised the second national meeting of the Mayors Club at Brașov City Hall. The event was attended by Mr. George SCRIPCARU – President of OER and Mayor of Brașov, Mr. Ovidiu Teodor CREŢU – Mayor of Bistriţa and Mr. Viorel ILIE – (...)


Tuesday 27 November 2012

How to finance local activities for sustainable energy in Germany?
About 30 German signatories met on 15 November 2012 in Offenburg on the occasion of the fourth German Covenant Club meeting. The theme of the meeting was ‘financing local activities for sustainable energy’, with inspiring contributions of several experts. In order to encourage exchange and (...)


Wednesday 14 November 2012

Open letter of the German Covenant Club sent to the European Commission
An open letter on the implementation of the Covenant of Mayors commitments was sent to the European Commission (DG ENER) by the German Covenant Club. The Club is a networking platform for signatories of the Covenant that was launched in October 2011. The Covenant of Mayors Office and the Joint (...)


Wednesday 24 October 2012

A debate on the energy transition for the French Alliance for Local Energy
On the 20th of September, partners from the Alliance for Local Energy (AEL) of the French Covenant of Mayors Club met in Paris-Dauphine University. The meeting gathered representatives of French Covenant Club’s members as long as representatives of companies, business associations, expert bodies (...)

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